We take safety and protection of our kids, students and vulnerable persons very seriously. Please take a few moments to watch the video that outlines our renewed commitment to the safety and security of our ministries. We will continue to strengthen our policies, procedures, and training to ensure that First Baptist Dothan is a safe place for all.

It is the purpose and intent of our church to provide a safe, secure ministry environment for all people, but will take additional steps to aggressively protect children, students, and vulnerable persons. Our Ministry Safe System includes our screening process for volunteers and employees that serve with minors, our policies & procedures for safety, and our responsibility for reporting any incidents that might occur.

Potential volunteers and employees of First Baptist Dothan must read, understand and agree to comply with the policies and procedures outlined in our current Policy.

Volunteers and employees of First Baptist Dothan must complete the Ministry Safe Application, which includes personal information, faith and church background, previous experience, references, and disclosure and authorization for the criminal background check.

If you have read and understand the Policy and are ready to proceed with your Application.

All volunteers and employees must pass a criminal background check prior to serving. First Baptist Dothan contracts with Ministry Safe, to run the background checks on volunteers and employees.

The staff of First Baptist Dothan will check the character references provided by the volunteer or employee on their Application. The applicant will also participate in a personal interview with members of the church staff in order to gauge fitness for the ministry position desired.

To equip volunteers and employees with information necessary to recognize abuser characteristics and grooming behavior, First Baptist Dothan requires all volunteers and employees to complete sexual abuse awareness training through MinistrySafe.

Once a volunteer or employee has completed these steps of the Ministry Safe System, they are approved to begin working with their ministry or event. The Criminal Background Check and the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training will be renewed every 3 years, as long as the volunteer or employee is still serving with minors at First Baptist Dothan.